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    Material experts for thermoplastics, elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers

    For us, each engine is a world in itself. A fascinating, impressive world full of opportunities. A constantly developing world – not least thanks to etm! We are proud to be an active part of the quickly developing and innovative automotive industry and to contribute to a reduction in weight and CO2 emissions of vehicles by competently selecting the right materials.

    Engine downsizing and engine compartment limits have established the turbo charger – and led to completely new challenges in terms of materials: Extremely high charging pressures, high temperatures above 150 °C and aggressive chemical substances require material performance and durability that go beyond the standard limits.

    For our material experts, this is a challenge that needs to be overcome every day. For this purpose, we apply all our knowledge of material and experience. We make use of multi-talented, technical plastics with extraordinary properties: Elastomers, thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers.

    Technical plastics for low engine displacements

    Lightweight elastomers and thermoplastics support minimum vehicle weights – a decisive criterion for the reduction of CO2 emissions. They are highly versatile and meet the highest requirements – perfect for applications in the engine compartment.

    Pressure and flame-resistant elastomers are perfectly suited for critical applications in charge air ducts, e.g. the engine inlet of the high-pressure exhaust flow. Downstream of turbo charging, complex materials are also required: in the resonator, inside charge air ducts, for sensors and actuators, on the inlet side of the charge air cooler and filter.

    Thanks to material selection and coating, our hoses for fuel, charge, cold and inlet air are flexible, durable, break-proof and abrasion-resistant – and fit in the smallest installation spaces. For RME-containing fuels with their aggressive properties, we also develop solutions for particularly chemical-resistant fuel systems.  Kompetenzen_etm

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