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    etm – CO2 reducers and installation space creators

    We have a dream: A world in which we drive our cars without having to worry about the hole in the ozone layer, pollution and environmental impacts. A world in which we have fun driving cars and efficient vehicles – and a clear conscience. A world in which we can make use of our creative and technical intelligence while preserving and cherishing people, plants, animals and the environment.

    We dream of unlimited technical possibilities and are constantly working to make innovation compatible with environmental protection. We are committed to one goal and pursue it ceaselessly, consistently and uncompromisingly: reducing CO2 emissions. With our products, we help OEMs (automotive manufacturers and suppliers) to get fit for the present and prepared for the future.

    We find suitable solutions for every OEM. Our products provide a high level of efficiency, speed and performance – with a focus on economical and environmentally friendly engines.

    We support and protect the heart of the vehicle: its engine.

    It breathes like a living organism. We strive for its optimum and its perfection. Our ventilation systems perfectly adjust to the engine and meet the strictest requirements. We optimise the engine compartment and even more: We create the installation space. We realise engine downsizing and weight reduction to reduce CO2 emissions. We also ensure environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, use renewable energies, recycle material and apply climate-friendly energy management. Our customers know they can rely on us and place high trust in our competence regarding materials and manufacturing processes. We are CO2 reducers and installation space creators!

    BOS-LogoSince February 2014, etm is part of the BOS Group with its headquarters in Ostfildern in Baden-Württemberg. The Swabian company with a global presence has offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

    Teaser FooterCompany 

    As a family-run and medium-sized company, etm is a reliable partner for automotive manufacturers on their way to CO2 reduction.

    Qualität und UmweltQuality & environment 

    Thanks to innovative technologies and consistently high process and product quality, we create installation space and reduce CO2 emissions!

    Kernkompetenzen etmCore competences

    CAD development, material and process know-how, elastomer manufacturing, injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, additional manufacturing technologies and process combinations: We always provide our customers with the best technical solution!


    Working with and learning from one of the largest employers in the Saale-Orla region in Thuringia: We are looking for dynamic and competent colleagues!

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