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    Means of continuous profile extrusion on two tube extrusion systems, mainly article-specific accessories, tubes and hoses for complex assembly components made of thermoplastic and elastomer plastics are manufactured at the etm facilities.

    The profile to be extruded is a defined tube profile with an inner and outer diameter that can be continuously manufactured in any required length. We distinguish between thermoplastic tubes that are mainly manufactured from >PA< materials and elastomer hoses that can meet additional requirements in terms of installation space by means of hot forming.

    Applications for thermoplastic etm tubes:

    By fulfilling the high demands on the material properties, our >PA< tubes are particularly well suited for customised applications in fuel-conducting systems and blowby gas ducts. Due to flexible plastic properties in combination with in-house 3D tube designs, negative-pressure-stable control lines can also be manufactured in accordance with the application to be fulfilled and combined with the respective assembly component.

    Applications for etm elastomer hoses:

    For increased flexibility in the confined installation spaces in vehicle front ends, article-specific elastomer hoses are created from an appropriate material mixture and manufactured in series as assembly component at the etm facilities. Potentially required installation space orientation (3D routing) can be realised by subsequent steam vulcanisation of respective blanks on 3D contour mandrels.


    The stations of the extrusion system are continuously passed through by the produced plastic profile (tube/hose)!

    1. The plastication of plastics, elastomers and thermoplastics is realised continuously in a screw-type extruder.
    2. The produced, homogeneous plastic material is then extruded under constant pressure using article-specific nozzle equipment.
    3. Afterwards, the parison is guided / extruded through calibration stations and cooled sufficiently to secure it at the respective product diameters. The product dimensions are checked on downstream measurement stations and automatically readjusted as necessary.
    4. At the following station, the cooling line, continuous product strand is finally and fully cooled.
    5. The next station, the extraction, ensures continuous transport through the overall system. Via the system controller, the extraction unit is connected with all stations of the extrusion line to ensure high product quality with defined extraction.
    6. In the cutting unit, the continuous product is cut to the desired length.
    7. The last station is a collection tray where the tubes or hoses are discharged.

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