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    Entwicklung und Konstruktion

    Design and development

    At the start of each design service, there are the requirements of our customers regarding the product and element required for the engine compartment. In some cases, the idea of the appearance and the function of the component may not yet be fully defined. In other cases, the customer provides us with concrete requirements regarding dimensions, material properties and quantities of the respective tube or other component.

    Then, its time for our CAD designers to act: They process and compress the information and data and design the moulded part via CAD systems.

    Design services at etm:

    • Prototyping:
      – Construction of prototypes
      – Individual components
Simulation testing:
      – Case study – FEM
Measurement laboratory testing: 

      – Pressure threshold testing with and without motion
      – Engine motion simulation
      – Climate cycle testing
      – Differential pressure testing
      – Long-term testing
      – 3d measuring equipment
      – Optical measuring systems (camera / laser scanners)

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