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etm creates installation space

We are fascinated! By engines with maximum performance enabling dynamics and speed beyond any standard. At the same time, we respect nature and the environment we live and breathe in.

At first glance, both our passions seem to be incompatible with each other. At etm, we are committed to combining them and reach for new limits. We combine high-tech engine engineering with sustainable technologies. Our products enable state of the art drive performances with reduced vehicle weight and CO2 emissions!

Our spirit of innovation, expertise on materials and know-how in engineering and manufacturing makes us a reliable partner for OEMs, automotive manufacturers and suppliers. The automotive industry is on a path towards the future: The EU regulations on CO2 reductions have caused unrest in our industry.

We use our creativity to further optimise state-of-the-art, space-saving turbo charger engines and achieve even higher performance while promoting downsizing and reducing CO2 emissions at the same time: We create engine ventilation systems, use ultralight plastics and meet special geometrical requirements and the smallest possible dimensions for the development of individual components. Our products withstand maximum loads in pressure, temperature and chemicals that occur due to the return of exhaust gases by means of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

However, we not only create plastic products for engine ventilation but also for transmissions, chassis, steering, car bodies, air ventilation and interiors to considerably reduce the vehicle weight and CO2 emissions.

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